About Us

Hi! I'm M. Lashea- Owner of M. LaShea Clothing Boutique and I am so happy you stopped by! Our clothing boutique is a new business venture, apart from another business that I own, LaShea's Creations (www.mlasheaandcompany.com) which specializes in custom apparel and gifts. I decided to start the clothing boutique back in December, while working on a vision board for the year 2018. I knew I wanted to expand as a business woman and entrepreneur, and what better way than by selling cute clothes and keeping up with the latest trends. While this is a new venture, I am trusting God to see me through to new heights. My goal is to supply clothing for women of all walks of life... Because a Woman Should always LOOK as good as she FEELS. If you're into trendy cute clothing, and women empowerment... this is the place for YOU!